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Maintenance Cycle 3

Well, we are cruising into the Holidays with the 3rd Maintenance dose down. It is more than just the one chemo in the veins of course. All I can tell you about these maintenance cycles is that there are “ALOT MORE STEROIDS!”.

Last time they joked about the roid rage at the appointment. I don’t want to lie to any of you. it is real! Haha.

It is one of those necessary things to continue the healing. So, we must be grateful.

Speaking of GREAT FULL!

We are heading over to see baby Bella Yeakey shortly. A new baby is a natural disrupter in life. You know for sure that there is purity in the heart and mind of a newborn. She is extremely calm and “chill” at this stage. It is enough to simply hold her and tell her how good and beautiful she is.


Well, Michele finally has enough hair to merit a haircut this week. Thanks to our friend Amber for cleaning her up and making her feel brand new. To be fair, we both have saved a lot of money this last year on haircare products and cuts alike. I am planning to only invest in razors for the foreseeable future.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

These blog posts tend to stretch out now that we are into a routine. We hope everyone we know feels blessed during this season. We know some of you are also in a rough period of life and we want you to know you are loved. Feel the warmth of love today in heart and soul.

Nearly all the fam. Missing Dustin and his crew!

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4 thoughts on “Maintenance Cycle 3

  1. Steroids are wonder drugs but do have side effects…, what doesn’t? So glad that things are going well and you are all together!


  2. Fabulous News for the Holidays and GrandBaby bring a Wonderful Holiday Merry Christmas and may God Continue to Bless Ya’ll. Enjoy the Holidays


  3. Merry Christmas to your family from the Kochert’s.
    Wishing you all a wonderful prosperous healing New Year.


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