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Michele was Discharged yesterday. The doctors are very encouraged that all will be well moving forward. We do have more visits in the coming weeks to checkups and make sure things are progressing well.

It was a significant difference between Monday, when she could just make it to the restroom and back, to have by Friday, when she was able to climb stairs.


We made a short trip to Target today. It seems like it is a small thing, but for me it was big. We had a few items to get and walked around the store “shopping”. We are still taking it easy and planning out the rest of next week. One day at a time. Michele was able to do some work around the house today and is sitting at her desk now making phone calls.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out and supported Michele in this hospital stay. She remains a positive beam of light in this world. She referred to her time as a “Staycation”.


Please continue your prayers for our friend Michael. He remains sedated and in ICU today. The Body is amazing and can do a lot to heal itself. We have many trips ahead of us Michael. Get better and get home.


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