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Has it been over 2 weeks?

No news is good news, right?

We have been enjoying some quiet time since we returned home from the Hospital. We met with the Infectious disease doctor this week. He said we were truly fortunate to be at the hospital as the Pneumonia was spreading rapidly and it was extremely dangerous.

A big reason for Michele to be in such a vulnerable place had to do with her immune system being extremely low at the time. The “Opportunistic” illnesses love that.

This week’s numbers

Here White Blood Count is back in fighting range. It spiked slightly high after the hospital stay. This week was right in the middle at 8.1. She started another round of Maintenance on Tuesday. That left her platelets lower than what we wanted but it is all part of the game.

Dr. Issa remains genuinely concerned that her numbers have not rebounded as much as he would like since we started maintenance. What should be a 30-day cycle is typically extending to a 60-day or more cycle. Because of that, he is lowering some the dosage on some of the medicines that can impact her numbers.

This week continues to be uneventful.

Life Slowing down more

Michele has been a certified champion over the last 18 months in managing to keep her spirits and work efforts going. I believe both have been a big key to her keeping the worst of the disease at bay.

Yet… This last stay in the hospital shook both of us hard at times. Rarely in her life has Michele said she is scared. I heard those words more than I cared to in the last month. We made it past those moments. It has made us more cautious in how we approach everything.

Slowing down for us is relative of course. We are still up early and up late working. Each of us is in newly redecorated home offices. The rest of the house still has boxes to go through from our office to clear out!

We have wonderful staff that are helping us adapt and they are taking on larger roles to keep the business growing.

Michele can drive herself to some of her appointments that are closer to home. It gives us both a little freedom that has been rare. My car finally made it out of the garage yesterday. We have been so tightly connected that we have only used one car for the last month. Times are changing.

Updates on our friends.

Our friend Michael was finally released from his hospital stay this week and is now in a rehabilitation facility to get his strength back. Thank you all for the prayers. I hear he is finding humor in his own situation. Being a caregiver is the silent hero in these epic stories. We sometimes must live the tough moments 3-4 times in sharing the updates with others. Janee, keep your head up. You are doing wonderful. We all we be back on the beaches of Mexico before you know it. Cherishing friendships and laughing about the curve balls life has thrown our way.

Our friend Aaron is also doing well after a small scare. Getting older sucks. You never want life to be interrupted. Yet it does. Get healed completely and again… Mexico awaits.

Stay positive and don’t miss an opportunity to live life everyone. Happy Saturday! Happy Mardi Gras! Happy Life!


2 thoughts on “Has it been over 2 weeks?

  1. Amen. In church now as I read this and continue to pray in the morning and the evening for you all. We love you.


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