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Home for the night

It is 8:15pm local time. We just got back home. After a bag of platelets and another bag of blood, Michele is feeling a little more clarity this evening. And tomorrow she will return for 12:30pm to do another chemo dose to complete the chemo portion of the cycle. Good night everyone. We are bothContinue reading “Home for the night”


In a month of bad days. Celebrate the good ones.

Early in the blog we were getting caught up on Yellowstone episodes. We recently finished the prequel, 1883. Generational stories. Taylor Sheridan, the writer, has a gift of the story line. I encourage everyone to watch the 1883 series. It is a time in americas history where we may find hard to understand the trials.Continue reading “In a month of bad days. Celebrate the good ones.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there from Michele and I. We hope everyone treasures this day in protecting your heart and relationships. We are MD Anderson in between appointments. We are done with our lab work today and waiting for a dressing change for her PICC line. The 24th floor of the hospital isContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day!”