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Thanksgiving 2.0

Yesterday, Michele was reading the blog from the very beginning. I am quite sure she read each of them as they were written, but to go back and reflect on all that was captured is a vastly different thing. I am grateful to have had this outlet over the last 13 months. I am gratefulContinue reading “Thanksgiving 2.0”


Settling into Maintenance

We are becoming increasingly normal in our daily routines now. Michele does Physical Therapy a couple of times a week. She can drive so that has been great news. Last week was busy for sure. I think we will expect that kind of week once a month. Check out Michele’s new Insurance blog @ insurancematters.substack.comContinue reading “Settling into Maintenance”


Today we started our Maintenance cycle. I learned a new term. POMP cycle. P – Purinethol (6-Mercaptopurine)O – Oncovin® (Vincristine)M – MethotrexateP – Prednisone Where are my band geeks wondering when the Circumstance cycle begins? Today was busy for sure. After dropping her off at 9:40 for the lab work at the League City MD Anderson location I had my own schedule! IContinue reading “Maintenance?”